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Empowering Through DSAV Member Resources

Discover a wealth of support and opportunities through DSAV member resources. From the extensive collection of the DSAV Lending Library to family grants, and DSAV Academic Scholarships, we're here to empower you on your journey. Explore, learn, and thrive with DSAV!
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Healthcare Professionals

At DSAV, we bridge knowledge through our Healthcare Professionals Outreach program, offering valuable resources to medical professionals and families. Our goal is to provide accurate information and support to parents and expectant parents facing a Down syndrome diagnosis. We offer curated resources covering medical considerations, developmental milestones, education, and support networks. Collaborating with the medical community, we aim to enhance awareness and support for individuals with Down syndrome.
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DSAV supports educators with accurate information and tailored resources for individuals with Down Syndrome. Our outreach program provides curated resources, speaker engagements, and support to ensure educators can make a positive impact on students and families.
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