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The DSAV Lending Library
Empowering Through Knowledge
Discover a wealth of information and support at the DSAV Lending Library, an extensive collection of resources dedicated to Down Syndrome and related topics. Available for borrowing by DSAV members, our library offers comprehensive materials designed to cater to a diverse audience.

From individuals with Down Syndrome to parents, siblings, families, friends, healthcare professionals, educators, and beyond, the DSAV Lending Library has something to offer everyone. Our resources cover a wide range of topics, including development, education, parenting, health and wellness, transitions, and much more.

Explore our collection to access invaluable insights, practical guidance, and evidence-based information to support your journey. Whether you're seeking resources for personal growth, professional development, or simply looking to learn more about Down Syndrome, the DSAV Lending Library is here to empower you with knowledge and support.
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​Family Grants
2024 Grant Cycle
January 1, 2024-December 1, 2024

Since 2009, DSAV has awarded over $175,000 in family grants to its members. The 2024 DSAV Family Grant is made possible by DSAV fundraising events and private contributions. The program is intended to help alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses not covered by insurance, legal assistance, education assistance, and inclusive activities.

Applications for Family Grants of up to $500 per individual with Down syndrome can submitted for:
medical expenses and therapies not covered by insurance.
educational expenses including tutoring and assistive devices.
Legal assistance for Guardianship and estate planning.
Inclusive activities open to individuals with or without disabilities up to a maximum of $250/individual with Down syndrome.

Complete guidelines and application can be reviewed below.
Guidelines & Online Application

Guidelines with Printable Application

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Academic Scholarships

Investing in the Future

High school seniors who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome are encouraged to apply for the DSAV Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is open to students pursuing post-secondary studies in fields directly benefiting persons with Down syndrome. Additionally, siblings of individuals with Down syndrome may apply, regardless of their field of study.

Please note that previous scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply. For any inquiries or questions, please feel free to reach out to us at office@dsav.org. We're here to support and guide you through the application process.

Academic Scholarship Application