DSAV Cooks

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Cultivating Culinary Confidence: DSAV Cooks

Location: Regional Down Syndrome Center for Success
Date & Time: Saturday, August 17, 2024
11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Recommended Ages 12+
Explore the world of culinary creativity with DSAV Cooks, our specialized cooking and nutrition program designed exclusively for members of the DSAV Down Syndrome Association aged 12 years and older. Our mission is to empower participants with essential skills for creating healthy snacks and meals, fostering kitchen safety practices, understanding the importance of good nutrition, and acquiring fundamental kitchen and cooking abilities.

In each session, participants will embark on a culinary journey filled with hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations, and engaging discussions. From mastering basic cooking techniques to experimenting with new recipes, our goal is to instill confidence and independence in the kitchen. With guidance from our experienced instructors, participants will develop practical skills that extend beyond the cooking pot, promoting overall well-being and fostering a lifelong love for nutritious eating habits.

Join us for DSAV Cooks and embark on a flavorful adventure where every dish is a celebration of culinary creativity and empowerment.