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Social Events 

At DSAV, there's no shortage of fun and meaningful ways to connect with others in the community. From celebrating World Down Syndrome Day to joining in on Awareness Night with the MV Scrappers, or getting into the holiday spirit with Santa's Hide-away Hollow, a Costume Party, or our Holiday Celebration at St. Mary's Assumption Social Hall, there's something for everyone. These events aren't just about having a good time; they're about coming together, creating memories, and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. So mark your calendars and join us for some unforgettable moments!
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New And Expectant Parents

The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley is here for you, just like parents who deeply love their children, because we understand the journey you're embarking on. Our mission is simple: to support you and your newborn, advocate for your child as they grow, and provide your family with the resources needed to navigate this new chapter.

Whether you're seeking information, advice, or simply someone to talk to, we're here to help. You can request immediate access to helpful resources by mail or drop by our office anytime. Additionally, we're thrilled to connect you with a Down Syndrome New Parent Mentor, who can meet you wherever you feel most comfortable, to share knowledge and offer support.
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DSAV Cooks

This program is exclusively designed for members of the DSAV Down Syndrome Association aged 12 years and older. Our aim is to empower participants with essential skills for creating healthy snack and meal options, fostering kitchen safety practices, understanding the importance of good nutrition, and acquiring fundamental kitchen and cooking abilities. Through engaging sessions and hands-on activities, participants will not only develop practical skills but also gain valuable knowledge that promotes independence and overall well-being.
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DSAV Fitness Programs: Empowering Health and Wellness

Discover a range of fitness opportunities with DSAV's comprehensive fitness programs, available from September through May. Our lineup includes DSAV Learn To S.W.I.M., DSAV Yoga, and DSAV Tennis & Fitness, designed to promote physical activity, improve coordination, and enhance overall well-being. Join us in embracing an active lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals with DSAV.
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DSAV Baby & Toddler Time

Join us for DSAV Baby & Toddler Time, where open play is not just fun—it's a cherished opportunity for our youngest members to explore, learn, and grow. Our engaging sessions provide a safe and inclusive environment for toddlers and babies to interact, discover new experiences, and develop essential skills. Whether it's through sensory play, interactive toys, or simply sharing smiles with newfound friends, every moment at Baby & Toddler Time is filled with joy and discovery. Come be a part of this enriching journey with us!
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Improvaneer Method

Introducing the Improvaneer Method, a specialized program harnessing the power of improvisation to cultivate and enhance essential skills for individuals with Down Syndrome. Through engaging in role-playing and interactive games, participants develop crucial abilities including eye contact, voice projection, active listening, creative and quick thinking, problem-solving, adaptability to change, character development, and most importantly, self-confidence.
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Parent/Caregiver Support Group

Join our Parent/Caregiver Support Group for Adults with Down Syndrome! Connect with fellow caregivers in a relaxed setting to share experiences, discuss challenges, and celebrate victories. Our monthly meetings provide a supportive environment for caregivers of individuals aged 16 and above. Join us and find the support you need on your caregiving journey.
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ICAN Shine Bike Camp

The ICAN Shine program is nationally recognized for its success in teaching individuals with disabilities how to ride conventional bicycles. Using adaptive bicycles, a specialized instructional program, and trained staff, participants attend one 75-minute session per day for 5 consecutive days. The registration form includes available session times. This camp is open to all individuals with disabilities who meet the camp requirements.
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DSAV Cares Project: Sending Care Packs to Members

The DSAV Cares Project extends heartfelt support to our members during times of recovery. We send care packs to remind them that their DSAV family is thinking of them and wishing them a swift recovery after surgery or procedures. If you would like to request a care pack to be sent to a DSAV member in need, please reach out to us. We're here to spread comfort and encouragement when it's needed most.
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