Fitness Program

DSAV Fitness Programs: Empowering Health and Wellness

Unlock a world of fitness and wellness with DSAV's dynamic array of programs, available from September through May. Designed to cater to all abilities and interests, our lineup includes DSAV Learn To S.W.I.M., DSAV Yoga, and DSAV Tennis & Fitness.

Dive into DSAV Learn To S.W.I.M. and discover the joys of swimming while gaining essential water safety skills. Or, find your inner peace and strength with DSAV Yoga, where gentle movements and mindful breathing techniques promote relaxation and flexibility. For those craving a more active challenge, DSAV Tennis & Fitness offers a fun and engaging way to improve coordination and endurance while building camaraderie with fellow participants.

Whether you're looking to boost physical fitness, improve coordination, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of group activities, DSAV Fitness Programs are here to support you every step of the way. Join us in embracing an active lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals with DSAV. Let's move, breathe, and thrive together!
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DSAV Learn To S.W.I.M.
​Creekside Fitness, Boardman, Ohio

Coach Caroline Ritenour of All Abilities S.W.I.M  has a passion for working with kids of all abilities.  She specializes in adaptive swimming and will work with your child in individual 30 min. private lessons.

S.W.I.M Level 1 - Recommended Ages 4+
  • This is for individuals who do not know how to swim.  This class will  work on skills such as blowing bubbles, putting face in water, laying on belly and back, and more. 

DSAV Cardio Drumming

Fall 2024 Dates Coming Soon

Cardio Drumming is a full body exercise that combines drumming movement with low impact fitness moves. Participants use exercise balls and drumsticks while listening and playing along to upbeat music.  
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DSAV Tennis & Fitness
Fall 2024 Dates Coming Soon

DSAV Tennis & Fitness Program combines fitness with basic tennis instruction.  The program takes place on Saturday mornings and is open to DSAV members ages 8 and older.